9.1.19   Alto Vineyards (Ivas John)
              Alto Pass, Il
9.3.19    John Brown's on the Square (Ivas John)
              Marion, Il 
9.6.19    The Library (Ivas John)
               Cape Girardeau, Mo 
9.7.19    Ebb and Flow Fermentations (solo) 
              Cape Girardeau, Mo 
9.14.19  Private Show (Shades of Soul)
9.15.19  River Ridge Winery (solo)
               Commerce, Mo
9.20.19  Sandy Ridge Smokehouse (solo) 
              East Prairie, Mo 
9.21.19  Private Show (Heet & the A.C.'s)
9.27.19  Rude Dog Pub (Heet & the A.C.'s)
              Cape Girardeau, Mo
9.28.19  Hubfest (Ivas John)
              Marion, Il 
9.28.19  Big Muddy Brewing (Ivas John)
              Murphyboro, Il



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